Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Y8: Salvation Assessment Resources

These websites and videos may be of some use:

Modern Good Samaritan (one of my favouite Lego animations!):

WWJD? A school project (could you make a video like this?) reflection on our Christian responsiblities to others:

WWJD Info -

Mr Lewis' tips for writing:

1) Title: Jesus Saviour of the World
2) Write out story – first person, eye witness… be creative!
3) What does this story show? What does it mean?
4) How can this inspire Christians today? Detail! Think about who would be an equivalent of the person in the story.
5) Give examples of how it inspires people, are there any jobs or voluntary work that Christians do that link to this story? One World Week?
6) How could it make a difference to your life? This needs to be a detailed reflection.

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