Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Your Parent's Faith?

"My wife, who’s a pretty vehement atheist, said that she could cope with just about any life decision our children may make - apart from them wanting to join the military or the clergy."

Often parents are accused indoctrinating their children, forcing them into their own faith at a young age. However the counter argument is that when something is so important to you, surely you want to pass it on to your children? Most parents would encourage their children in their beliefs until the point that they can make up their own mind.

One family have spoken in The Guardian about how, while living in France, their daughter has decided to become Catholic. She has attended a Catholic school and now wants to fully join the faith.

The author of the article talks about how "our world view isn't enough for her" and that she has decided she wants to be baptised and receive the other sacraments. Her mother in particular, struggles with her decision.

The article ends with the author (the father) saying: "I just hope that, the next time she faces a life-defining decision, she remembers this time when she told us she had faith in something we don't. And we believed in her."

Do you think parents are right to impose their world view on their children? At what age can you make up your own mind? Is it better when people choose a faith for themselves? Do you think their belief will be stronger?

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