Thursday, 10 May 2012

Viral Video: ‘I did the right thing by not aborting’

Lacey Buchanan, a young mother from Woodbury, Tennessee produced a low-key video with hand written messages telling her and her baby's story.

After falling pregnant, doctors told her and her husband there would be difficulties with their baby. Despite being told he may not live until birth, Christian was born in February 2011.

However things were worse than even the doctors expected, with Christian suffering from a Tessier cleft lip and palate, which prevented him from closing his mouth, as well as cleft eyes, meaning that he was completely blind. Lacey says the condition affects only 50 people in the world, and requires extensive surgery.

Yet things were still worse to come as people made judgemental comments and stared at her new born baby; she couldn't leave the house:

“One girl even told me I was a horrible person for not aborting Christian in utero."

As Christian began to grow, he giggled and laughed and played like any other young child and things began to get easier for Lacey.

People also began to hear about Christian and his family and feeling inspired by their journey. Lacey has begun writing a blog:

Baby Christian

Her video has gone viral clocking up many thousands of views over the last few months; "I have definitely learned a lesson in not underestimating God’s ability to use people... I’m humbled and awestruck with the fact that God is using my son to fulfil His purpose! I just can’t wait to see how He uses Christian in the future!”

The video is now being extensively used by Pro-Life organisations, campaigning against abortion. It is indeed an emotional video, as Lacey moves from tears to laughter during filming and it does give one example of a young family's journey of pregnancy and life new. Yet it is not exactly clear whether or not there was a moment of decision regarding aborting the foetus. Perhaps as Christians that was not even an option, and equally even in the early stages it was not clear exactly the conditions that Christian would have to endure as a young child and into adulthood. Perhaps if they knew would their choice have been different? It is certainly provides a moment of reflection and one that poses many questions on the value and quality of life, plus the conditions under which individuals consider abortion. Interesting too that Lacey sees it as part of God's plan for her - could all Christians see things this way?

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