Friday, 29 June 2012

The Tweeting Nun!

Why not follow Sister Elizabeth Pio? On behalf of the Sisters of Bethany, an Anglican order who spend hours each day in silent reflection, she has started tweeting!

Watch a video interview here:

She said: "It's great that we can communicate with an online community, most of whom we'll never meet."

Sister Elizabeth said: "We recognised that social media was how people often communicated these days, so it made us have a look at it.

"We're still trying it out, really, and it is a bit of a learning curve."

Follow: @bethanysister

She is not the first member of the Church to try tweeting... an Anglican Bishop tweeted his pilgrimage around his Diocese last August:

Her tweets have been prayerful and also commentary on the recent England football match. She tweeted: "The Sabbath was made for man, but was it made for professional football matches.......? God won, England out!"

Read more here:

Do you think that this is a good way for clergy and the religious to engage with an 'online generation'? Would you follow a Bishop or nun? As Sr Elizabeth said: "It's important to show that nuns and monks can use current technology - we're not so far behind the times."

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