Monday, 9 July 2012

Muslim Heroes: A Response to Islamophobia

Too often the image of Islam we get from the press is a series of labels. Negative labels.

Saud Inam, founder and executive director, started Muslim Heroes as a blog in response to rising Islamophobia in New York in a post-9/11 world. He found that Muslim were having to give constant explanations of who they were not, rather than who they were.

As such, he started to answer the question “If Muslims are not terrorists, who are they?”

Inman wanted to focus and highlight the inspirational work and contributions of ordinary Muslims from diverse backgrounds. He firmly believes that the average person can make a great difference in the community.

Islamophobia is a problem in the UK too. Would a blog help promote the good work of Muslims here? Is other more visible work needed to help change the image of Islam to some members of the public?

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