Tuesday, 27 November 2012

WWJD: Where Would Jesus Shop?

WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?

John W. McCarthy wrote an interesting reflection on shopping in the US over Thanksgiving and 'Black Friday'. There had been a series of protests to draw attention to low wages and unaccommodating working conditions in places such as Walmart (Asda in the UK). He suggests we ask the question, "Where would Jesus shop?"

The answer, he begins, is:

"...Not as simple as supporting small businesses over Walmart. Instead, it is a call for all people of faith, especially Catholics, to live-out our long tradition of speaking up for these workers. The people who are working harder and harder for less and less need a community on their side."

He reflects on the effects on the individual and the family of more and more people struggling to make ends meet and consequently having to work all the hours possible to even try to support a family.

It is very clear that:

"Each purchase this holiday season can be a chance to stand with the "least of these" among us, as we work toward policies that promote a shared prosperity among us all."

A very interesting and timely reflection and this time of excess; "Where would Jesus shop?"

Do you think it's important to shop ethically? Do you think individuals can make a difference? Is this a Christian responsibility?

Read the article in full: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-w-mccarthy/where-would-jesus-shop_b_2189775.html

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