Monday, 17 December 2012

Unexpected Nativity: "Brilliant. They won't be expecting that!"

Continuing with a series of blog posts on Christmas, after retelling of the story via social networks (see here) and the Pope's comments on the accuracy of nativity scenes (see here), today we look at the 'Unexpected Christmas'.

This incredibly cute video has been produced by a church group in New Zealand. The children in it play a whole variety of roles, with my favorite being the little boy who keeps saying, "Brilliant. They won't be expecting that!".

He illustrates a key point about Jesus' arrival and the Jewish expectations of the Messiah; He really wasn't the warrior king they were hoping for!

St Paul Church's in New Zealand have produced a series of these videos over the last few years which are worth a watch over the Christmas period:

What do you think of these videos? Do they convey the true message in a fun and accessible way? Is it simply an online version of the classic school nativity play? How do you remember learning the story as a young child?

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