Thursday, 11 July 2013

Is Hulk a Catholic?

L'Osservatore Romano have recently run an article on  'the religiousness of superheroes' - including comic book favourites the Hulk, Batman and Superman.

The article featured images of Bruce Wayne (Batman) as a boy saying his prayers by his bed and the Hulk depicted with rosary beads in his hands.

Senior journalist Gaetano Vallini wrote, "Is it enough for a person to have a rosary in his hand to be defined a Catholic? ...Bruce Banner, the incredible green man, in fact married his beloved Betty Ross in a church and a Catholic priest presided at the ceremony... There are other indications dispersed among the hundreds of comic strips dedicated to him that are said to unequivocally reveal his faith."

He then goes on to say there is evidence to suggest the mother of Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne was Catholic while the character Nightcrawler from the X-Men films explicitly refers to his Catholic faith.

Do you think many people have worked out these superheroes are Catholic? Do you think it just use of distinctive imagery? Is it more just the illustrators Catholic upbringing? Do you think it's right (or indeed useful!) that Churches are encouraging their congregation to view these films in a Christian context?

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