Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Y9 Vlogging Task

Y9, you are going to attempt to create a vlog of a secret Catholic during the Reformation. You need to record a series of short videos to document the events of the Reformation in England. It can be different people doing each clip.

Some things you may want to include:
  • Rumours of change, protest and reform in Europe including Martin Luther and John Calvin (1517-1520)
  • Henry VIII and his jealousy of the Catholic Church (1520ish onwards)
  • Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (1533)
  • New Laws (forcing everyone to acknowledge his divorce and remarriage) (1534)
  • Thomas More and his fate (1535)
  • Henry VIII and the monasteries (1536-1541)
  • The future…?
In your group, you may want to split it up and do one bit each. Will you be able to communicate during the half term? Who will put it together? How will you share big files (GoogleDrive/ DropBox?)? Who will put it together? How will they put it together (MovieMaker/ iMovie?)?

Some vlogging tips:

Video Resources:

Download Worksheet: <here>

9L - Due in 13th November 2013

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