Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Stabbing Baby Hitler

Renowned journalist and documentary maker Louis Theroux caused a bit of controversy on Twitter by asking whether, "Give the chance, should you stab baby Hitler?" with the hashtag: philosophicaldilemma.
This raises some interesting questions about nature over nurture - could we not just raise Hitler differently if we had the chance again? But also about the means of killing... some suggested it would be in some way easier to smother rather than stab!
If you can dig out the tweets from <here>, you can see some peoples' responses. The initial tweet is found <here>.
They included a full range from: "Not even a dilemma, I wouldn't stab an adult Hitler." or "Too easy... make him suffer!" while many said they would give him, "lots of cuddles, read him lots of inspiring books and encourage him to turn the other cheek."
Our Y12 students have been studying utilitarianism recently and some have blogged about it:

What do you think? For the 'greater good' what would you do with baby Hitler? What ethical theories could you apply to this? What do you think is more important nature or nurture? Why do you think Louis Theroux raised this?

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