Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Can You Survive Extreme Poverty?

I lived for 4 days... the challenge was to survive for 30. Why so short? I decided to give my child some medicine and try to buy a uniform to send my child to school.

Have a go and play the game here: (It didn't seem to work on my mobile device and wanted a Facebook login on PC)

Live 58 is a group of partners who are aiming to end poverty by 2035:

Based on Isaiah 58, Live58 provides engaging and practical ways for Christians to impact the world - and do it with friends. We are people who want to live differently to end extreme poverty by 2035. Recognizing the pull of culture toward excess and self-centered living, we strive to live out the True Fast of Isaiah 58 where God tells His people to put their faith into action:

"To loose the chains of injustice... to set the oppressed free...
to share your food with the hungry... to provide the poor wanderer with shelter...
when you see the naked, to clothe them."

Watch the trailer for the film here:

How long did you last? Did it leave your frustrated? What do you think of Live 58's aims?

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