Sunday, 11 May 2014

Marriage at FIRST SIGHT? (new TV show)

Image from Radio Times

In what is being labelled a “ground-breaking social experiment”, six people will say “I do” to complete strangers in a new Channel 4 reality series, Married at First Sight.

They will be matched by a panel of experts from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, theology and social/evolutionary anthropology before entering into a genuine, legally-binding marriage on TV.

It will then follow the first six weeks of their relationship as they each share their daily lives with a stranger. Finally, after this period, they will be asked to decide whether they wish to stay together as a married couple or not. Presumably Channel 4 paying for the divorce if not?

It is based on a Danish format which has been sold to countries around the world after its incredible popularity.

Do you think this is a good idea? Does this reflect some people in societies' view of marriage? Will it prove compulsive viewing? Will people want them to be a success or not? How would the Catholic church view this?

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