Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Ultimate Grandfather!

Image courtesy of CNA

50,000 pilgrims went to Saint Peter's Square last Sunday for a meeting between Pope Francis and elderly people from around the world. One special guest was retired pontiff Benedict XVI.

The current Holy Father described Pope Benedict as the grandfather of all grandfathers". He went on to say. “I have said many times that it gives me great pleasure that he lives here in the Vatican, because it is like having a wise grandfather at home. Thank you!”

Pope Francis went on to warn against the reality of the abandonment of the elderly, describing it as a “hidden euthanasia,”. He said it is the effect of a “culture which discards” human beings. Children, unemployed youth, and elderly persons are discarded on the pretense of maintaining a system of economic “balance”. The center of this culture is no longer “the human person,” but “money.” reported CNA.

“We are all called to counter this poisonous culture of waste." was a clear message to all.

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