Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Story of Our Students

"Everyone who uses what they have will get more. They will have much more than they need." The Parable of the Talents - Matthew 25:14-30

In order to inspire the current students of Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School, we are looking to build a picture of students' destinations. We would like to hear what you have done since leaving the school including:
  • Voluntary work and gap years
  • University study and other qualifications
  • Employment, jobs and careers
  • Family life
  • Anything else interesting!
We will only use your information within the school, but we may get in touch to find out more! Everyone has a story to tell and we would love to hear from as many former students as possible. Please forward this link (or this short version: http://tiny.cc/shomstory) with as many people as you can and feel free to share on social media.

Please visit our new school website to find out all the latest school news: www.sacredheartofmary.net

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