Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Music

Image courtesy of RavePad

Christmas always sees a collection of Christmas albums released. There has been a resurgence in this over the last few years, possibly to cash in on this highly profitable time. However there is a great tradition of the Christmas album with many of the stars of yesteryear producing annual Christmas albums.

My favorite Christmas album for some time has been Bob Dylan's Christmas in the Heart (Must Be Santa is simply brilliant! See <here>) and, of course, I love Bruce Springsteen's Santa Clause is Coming to Town (See <here>). However this years sees the release of Pentatonix's album which includes some very special songs. There are a 5-piece a capella vocal group from the USA and this is their amazing version of Silent Night:

What is your favorite Christmas song? How do you feel when musicians use hymns to make profitable albums? Who would you like to see releasing a Christmas album?

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