Thursday, 8 January 2015

Y9 Assessment 2 (2015 onwards): Greed

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Your second assessment focus on the Gospel messages related to greed and wealth.

“A few peoples’ greed leaves millions in need.”

Write a feature article for the Financial Times with this headline.

Think about the following to help you write the article:
Describe and show understanding of Christian teaching on greed and helping those in need including quotes and references to scripture. [L4]
Explain what Jesus asks of all Christians and demonstrate different responses to this. [L5]
Analyse the consequences of these responses for different people. [L6]
Give your own opinion, carefully backed up with evidence. Consider another opinion and explain why you disagree with it. [L7]

Useful Bible passages
  • Luke 06:24-25 (woe to rich & fed)
  • Luke 12:15-21 (rich fool parable)
  • Luke 16:19-31 (rich man & lazarus)
  • Mark 10:23-24 / Luke 18:24-25 (camel & needle)
  • Matt 06:19-21 (treasures in heaven)
  • Matt 06:24 / Luke 16:13 (god & money)
Bible Quotes on greed <here>

Remember to select the ones you think you can explain and show that you understand

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