Friday, 16 March 2012

The Myth of Consequence Free Sex

Blogger Matthew Archbold begins:

  • I know a guy who married the wrong woman because for the first time in his life he was having sex. And he was fooled into thinking he was in love—for a while.
  • I know a girl who was smarter than seven colleges. She dropped out of high school when she got pregnant.
  • I know a guy who’s haunted by the abortion of a casual hook up.
  • I know a young woman who’s confused and angry because she never had a father.
  • I know a man who has a venereal disease and after a few dates with women he has to explain it to them and watch them recoil.
  • I knew a man who died of AIDS.

He is a Catholic writing on a Catholic website about the dangers of what he calls 'free sex'. He points out that society tells us that the media and society at large promote the notion that there are few, if any consequences, to having sex with others.

Archbold goes on to point out that we've actually gone beyond this, demanding a 'right' to free sex which has lead to a 'right' to abortion and a 'right' to contraception. All of these going against institutional religion, in particular the Catholic Church.

He concludes:

"Here’s the thing—having sex is a choice. And so obsessed with maintaining their choice, many people are content to remove the choice from others in order to serve their choice.... We know there’s no such thing as free sex. It’s just a matter of who pays."
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Do you think religious institutions are out of date in their teaching on sex before marriage? Do you think the blogger is correct in his view that there is no such thing as consequence free sex??

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