Friday, 16 March 2012

Red Bull Jesus Advert: Banned

This advert has been banned and taken off television in South Africa after lots of complaints from both Christians and Muslims.

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Do you think people were right to complain? Do you think that this is offensive, or simply a bit of fun? Do you think it matters to the advertisers that is has been banned?

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  1. This advert was not "banned" in South Africa. Over 500 Christians, including Cardinal Napier of the Catholic Church and a spokesman for the Muslim community, were offended by the ad and for once they actually had the courage to say so, in this case to Red Bull, who took fright and pulled the ad themselves. They didn't want an Advertising Standards or BCC hearing, not quite brave enough for that! Nobody called for a banning or even a boycott, Cardinal Napier merely suggested that Catholics might give up Red Bull for Lent and donate the money they would have spent to charity.

    The ad itself is not "a bit of fun" in my opinion, it is deeply contemptuous of Jesus and the miracle of walking on water, and many Christians and Muslims have decided that they will not pay to be offended in this manner, so they won't be buying the product again. Consumers have the right to withhold their custom for whatever reason they see fit.

    Does Red Bull care? Well, they did pull the advert, but in the grand scheme of things I would say no, they don't give a hoot. After all, they withdrew the very same ad in Brazil recently after a similar response, and they have flighted several other ads in the same vein.