Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Flame 2 (2015)

Thirteen students and two staff from Sacred Heart of Mary Girls' School went on the minibus to the Flame 2 conference at Wembley Arena on Saturday 7th March 2015. A few students wrote about their experiences...

"I went to Flame 2 on the 7th March 2015, and I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. That whole day was action packed and ranged from performances with Matt Redmond to Flame 2 Dancers, Flame is a fun and effective way to deepen your faith, whilst being amongst thousands of other young people. I personally would say that there was not a dull moment and I would definitely go again if I got the chance to attend Flame 3. I myself before going to Flame 2 would have said that I did not have a strong faith but after attending Flame 2, I can honestly say it has strengthened and enhanced my faith in God. If I had to choose a favourite part, I would say the shout out to our school and Miss Laverty and Mr Lewis from Gilly Hope at Flame 2 SSE Arena and the moving closing prayer at the end, as it gave all of us a moment to relax and to personally reflect of everything we had previously heard and seen at Flame 2. I think people should go to Flame 3 in 2 year’s time as it will honestly strengthen your faith and develop your understanding of Christianity, it will open your eyes to the events currently operating around the world, how you can help and most importantly attending a Flame Conference will allow you take away something that is so special; a stronger relationship with God." - Y12 Student 

"On Saturday 7th March 2015, I went to Flame2 and had a really great day. I had never been to an event like this before but I found it a really inspiring and very enjoyable experience. It wasn’t what I expected at all, there was quite a lot of music from the very talented Matt Redman and speakers such as Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle really made me think and were very entertaining. The highlight of the day would be, aside from the lively music, when we convinced my friend to try on a CAFOD heart costume and talk to the volunteer about why they chose to get involved in charity work. Also, after the event, we got a picture with Cardinal Vincent Nichols. I would advise anyone to definitely attend Flame 3 because it is a great way of talking to new people who are part of the same community as you and finding out more about them. Flame 2 was a great experience for me and I would just like to thank Mr Lewis and Miss Laverty for taking us there and to everyone who made the day possible." - Y10 Student

To be updated as students email in their reflections.

Read a report from ICN <here>

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