Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Y9 Assessment 3: Life in the Spirit

Image courtesy of Propaganda for Change blog from a BHA campaign


Secular humanists, who do not believe in God, frequently wish to identify God as the problem. Use your knowledge of the gifts of God’s Spirit to write a letter as a Christian to the British Humanist Association to explain that ‘God is not the problem in the world but a gift to be discovered’. 

Think about the following to help you write the article:
  • Describe and show understanding of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. [L4] 
  • Explain how the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit relate to everyday life. [L5] 
  • Analyse the consequences of this for different people. Show understanding of the secular humanists’ view. [L6] 
  • Give your own opinion, carefully backed up with evidence. Consider another opinion and explain why you disagree with it. [L7]
Humanism is a philosophical and ethical belief that emphasises the value of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over faith.

We work on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We promote Humanism, a secular state, and equal treatment of everyone regardless of religion or belief. Our celebrants provide non-religious funeral, wedding, and naming ceremonies.

Why is a religion seen as a 'problem'?

  • Things reduced to "faith" and "religious mystery" rather than rational thought.
  • Religion as a cause for evil and suffering... oppression of groups within society.
  • Can stop clear scientific thought and investigation.
  • No God is a simpler explanation! 

BHA Campaigns:


Do religions not cause problems in society?


Can religions not help in society?

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