Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Poor Pope? Is It Possible?

This picture has been shared widely on Facebook and Twitter, showing Pope Francis 'Server' (of the poor). It shows Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio kissing the feet of a sick young child in an act of love and solidarity with the poor. However, how poor can the Pope ever be?
Right from the very first moment of being Pope,  Francis declined the use of the ermine mozetta (cape) they provided him, he also kept his bishops crucifix rather than a more ornate Papal version. Additionally he ditched the traditional red shoes for the brown loafers he brought from Argentina.

Straight after this he declined the arranged car and jumped on the bus with all the other cardinals.

The next day, he returned to the hotel where he stayed pre-Conclave to bill his bill, as it was the 'right thing to do' and would 'set a good example'.

As people got to know the new Pope, various stories began to emerge from his life in Argentina. Swapping his Bishop's Palace for an ordinary flat, taking the bus and tube rather than a chauffeured limousine, flying economy class and carrying his own lugagge:

The question is, to what extend can a Pope really live in poverty?
What do you think? Can Pope francis really live up to St Francis of Assisi? Can be live out his Jesuit commitment to poverty? Is a poor Pope possible?

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