Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Can Christians and Muslims share a place of worship?

An Aberdeen Church has take the unusual step of allowing Muslims to pray in the church. This is as the mosque is no longer big enough and people were having to pray outside.

The rector of St John's church, Rev Isaac Poobalan said, "One day when I was walking past the mosque, I found 20 or 30 people outside on the ground around the pavements with their hands and feet exposed. You could see their breath. When I spoke to people at the church about the situation, someone actually said to me this was not our problem, but I had seen it with my own eyes, so it was a problem."
The two groups have worked closely together over the years, offering joint services and initatives. Rev Poobalan grew up in India and had many Muslim and Hindu friends. He said: "Religion does not play a role when it comes to friendship and hospitality. They transcend the religious divide."

The Bishop of Aberdeen and Orkney, the Right Rev Dr Robert Gillies, said: "Internationally, the news speaks of tension and struggles between Islam and Christianity. Yet, here in Aberdeen, a mosque and a church have built bonds of affection and friendship. It must be stressed that neither has surrendered or compromised any aspect of the historic faith to which each holds. But mutual hospitality and goodwill exists."

It's important to remember the common root of Abraham in Christianity, Islam and Judasim:

Do you think Christians and Muslims should be working together more? Why do you think some of the congregation were unhappy? Do you think friendhship and hospitality do transcend religion?

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