Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is it REALLY a better Easter Egg?

Christians all over the UK have been  celebrating! A 'REAL' Easter Egg which celebrates the story of Jesus' Resurrection, the absolute focal point of the Christian faith. Not only does it tell the Easter Story inside the box, feature Christian imagery on the outside, but it is also Fair Trade AND makes a donation to charity.

The Bishop of Hereford said that he expected for there to be a "real demand for an egg explaining the religious understanding of Easter on the box" and he encouraged Christian shoppers to "hunt out a Real Easter Egg and complain if they are not being stocked."

Vicky Beeching, has written about her views on this in the Independent, from the context of her experience of living in 'Bible-Belt America'. She says: "The problem is this: creating a choice for people of faith between a 'Christian product' and a 'regular' one merely reinforces the sacred-secular divide in society."

Reflecting on the Bishop of Hereford's comments, she replies that to be saying, ""Hi Waitrose, let me yell into your ear about your lack of Christian branded Easter eggs" seems like an oxymoron if our faith is about love and graciousness towards others."

She feels that it is yet another small brick, which contributes to a big wall, whereby Christians are working towards ghettoising - increasingly living in a separate world from the secular society, as she says, her Christian faith encourages her to "engage with the world in a spirit of love."

However on the flip side to this, Easter is an increasingly secular time of year (see also, Christmas!). Is it not right that Christians should be promoting these eggs and reminding the population that Easter is a time to celebrate, not just over indulge for the sake of it?

What do you think? Should Christians be searching out and questioning supermarkets not selling The Real Easter Egg? Is it creating a sacred-secular divide? Will non-believers be drawn to the eggs?

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