Thursday, 7 March 2013

One For Ten: Against the Death Penalty

"The death penalty was re-instated in the United States in 1976. Since then for every ten people that have been executed, one person has been released from death row after spending an average of ten years in isolation. They have been released because new evidence has proved that they were innocent."    

A new social media campaign has been launched, with the organisers using easily available technology to produce a series of videos:

'One For Ten' is an online series of campaign films that will be produced and broadcast over five weeks in April and May of 2013. During those five weeks, we will travel the width of the US and interview ten individuals who have been freed from death row. Driving from New York to California, we will film with a different person every few days and produce a new short film for release online every Tuesday and Friday.   

This is an interesting campaign which will hopefully encourage people to review their opinions on the death penalty.
Is the death penalty a barbaric way of dealing with criminals? Is it worth 1 innocent life being lost for every 10 'deservedly' executed? Do you think that this campaign will have any success?
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