Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Atheist Babies?

Many people define atheists as people who believe "there is no God". But what if that definition was people who do not believe "there is a God."?

This second definition is becoming more common. However it raises certain problems, one such being babies. Are babies born atheists?

Atheists have used this to claim that the 'natural state' is therefore one of atheism.

Yet it creates problems as babies don't believe there is no God, in the same way they don't believe there is a God, thefore is this not a form of non-atheism?

Jimmy Akin explores this in more detail <here>. It is also one of themes of the book, Knowledge of Angels (buy it <here>).

Do you think babies make a good 'test case'? What do you think our 'natural state' is? How do we best define atheism? Should we just leave babies alone to dribble and pull silly faces?

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