Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Teenage Girl Exorcists

The casting out of demons was a power given by Jesus to his disciples. There are numerous accounts of Jesus performing exorcisms and it has forever remained a fascinating part of Christian life. Earlier in the year, Pope Francis was accused of making an exorcism in public (see <here>).

However in the latest tale of exorcisms, Brynne Larson (18) and Tess (18) and Savannah Scherkenback (21) claim to be able to cast out demons and indeed have dedicated their lives to it.

There is a certain 'performance' that goes with these exorcisms, "The teenage exorcists are greeted on stage as if they were celebrities. There is applause and they announce to the audience that they look forward to "kicking some demon butt". They see themselves as "freedom fighter" and hold up silver crosses and Bibles on stage while confronting the demon to make it return to hell.

They have already travelled to over 20 countries casting out demons and performing exorcisms.

Do you think it is right that these girls have been trained up by on of their fathers to perform exorcisms? Do you think that the 'performance' is necessary? Do you think that it is okay for them to ask for donations for doing this (a few hundred dollars reportedly)?

Teen Exorcists will be broadcast on Thursday 12 September 2013 at 21:00 BST on BBC Three. Or catch up later on BBC iPlayer.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-23986595

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