Thursday, 5 September 2013

Syria: "We Cannot Just Stand By"

The phrase "we cannot just stand by" is often used by the general public and politicians alike as a justification for going to war with Syria.

It is hard to argue that the images and stories emerging from Syria are nothing short of horrific, but the UK parliament have already voted against military action and the US are still awaiting a decision from Senate.

A blogger pointed out this phrase, "we cannot just stand by", is particularly dangerous as an excuse for military action because:

1) Standing by might be better than poorly thought-through action.
2) Diplomatic options are not just 'standing by'.
3) People who say it 'stand by' various other human rights violations day after day.

Do you think it is wrong to 'just stand by'? A well know saying is "Evil exists because good people do nothing", could this be used against the UK's decision? Do you think people are selective in what action they want to take?

Inspired by Alex Higgins

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