Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Scottish midwives lose legal battle not to assist in abortions

Two senior midwives from Glasgow have lost their battle not to assist in abortions following a court ruling.
In a judgment handed down today from the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Lady Smith ruled that the midwives must accept the decision of their hospital management to oversee other midwives who are performing abortions on the labour ward.

The midwives in the case, Miss Mary Doogan and Mrs Connie Wood, argued that they had never been required to supervise abortion procedures in the past, and that the hospital was asking them to be morally, medically and legally responsible for abortions.

Although they said that this conflicted with their profound objection to abortions, Lady Smith said that the midwives involved were not protected by the conscience clause of the Abortion Act.

These women are legally being forced to supervise abortions. The law says this is okay, as they are not directly involved in carrying them out. They object as they are practising Catholics.

Do you think that this is right? Should they have expected as senior midwives that this may be part of their job? Is there a better solution to this situation?

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