Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alain de Botton: I want to build a "Temple to Atheism"

"The atheist 'philosopher' Alain de Botton has undertaken a (literally) monumental project: he wants to create in the City a 150-foot-high temple to 'new atheism'. This is to distinguish it from old, aggressive atheism, as preached by Richard Dawkins. The two chaps seem to disagree on tactics, for one struggles to find any difference of substance.

'Why should religious people have the most beautiful buildings in the land?' Botton asks. 'It's time atheists had their own version of the great churches and cathedrals'."

Is an atheist philosopher an oxymoron? Alexander Boot seems to think so. Read his analysis of Botton's bizare scheme here:

What are your concluesions on this story?

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