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Y13 General RE

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Here are some resources, organised by outcome, to help you complete the relevent sections of the NOCN Level 2 General RE qualification:

1.2 – I am able to give three examples of how spirituality, theology and ethics are relevant to current issues in society

Example 1: Nurse suspended for prayer offer

A Christian nurse from Weston-super-Mare has been suspended for offering to pray for a patient's recovery.

BBC News (including video):
BBC Learning Zone:
BBC News clip:
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair airs his concerns to the CoE:
'Marginalisation of Christians' gets discussed in the House of Lords:

Recent reviews into this case:
It's WRONG for government to refuse to allow people to wear crosses:
It's RIGHT for government to refuse to allow people to wear crosses:

Other similar cases:
Nadia Eweida - told to remove cross or be sacked by BA -
Colin Atkinson - told to remove cross from his van or be sacked by BA -

2.1 - Describe how a religious commitment is demonstrated in everyday life.
2.2 - Evaluate some of the demands of a religious commitment.

Example: Maximillian Kolbe

BBC Learning Zone Clip:

YourTube Clips:

Detailed information site: incldues FAQ and useful headings.
Another useful site full of information:

Look up to story of Fr Mychal Judge on 9/11:

4.1 Describe key elements of practice within religious faith

5. Describe elements of three faith traditions commonly observed in contemporary society

Jewish Wedding Rites -
Muslim Wedding Rites -
Christian Wedding Rites -

7.1 Describe a relationship between religious beleif, personal faith and lived expereince in a specific context

BBC Ethics: Capital Punishment:
Anmesty International:
The Death Penalty Information Center:

8.1 Describe you use  of theological and ethical thinking as a response to their own personal experience

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