Monday, 6 February 2012

Y8 Exodus Resources

The Y8 Independent Learning Project is based on the story of the Exodus and linking it to the Passover and its importance for Christians today.

You need to include some of the key events of the Exodus. There are a number of clips on YouTube from the Prince of Egypt:

Moses and the Burning Bush:

The Plagues:

The Exodus:

Crossing the Red Sea:

The BBC site explains about the Festival of Passover in an easy to understand guide:

BBC Learning Zone has some really useful clips too:
The Ten Plagues - (3min 16secs)
The Exodus Story - (2min 45secs)
The Passover - (1min 27secs)
The Passover Story - (4min 36secs)
The Last Supper (Animation) - (2min 09secs)
The Last Supper - (4min 52secs)

Judaism 101 is a brilliant site and contains lots of easily accesible information:

This site looks a bit dated, but contains some good information:

This worksheet hosted by the TERE may help you make some of the connections between the Passover and Eucharist:

This website explains about the Christian Seder and why Christians celebrate it:

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