Wednesday, 22 February 2012

St Thomas Aquinas

"Thomas Aquinas was the greatest philosopher of the Christian middle ages. So what can he teach us that we have forgotten?"

The Guardian have run a fascinating 4 series on possibly the greatest Christian philosopher ever.

Part 1 outlines some of his background and foundation, compared to today's modern world:

Part 2 looks at his view of the mind and soul:

Part 3 looks at his greatest work Summa Theologica and Aquinas' reasoning for God's existence:

Part 4 continues to look at creation, modern science and some of the great Greek philosopher:

Part 5 looks at waht it means to be human and links to the idea of conciousness:

Part 6 is focused on Aquinas and natural law:

Part 7 looks at Aquinas and his view on evil:

Part 8 reflects on Aquinas for the world today:

An excellent series that is well worth a read - the articles are short and accesible.

Do you agree on Aquinas being the greatest Christian philosopher? What is your favourite part of these articles?

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